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call it the doomed fate of love
call it riot and revenge, ricochet and roulette.
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8th-Aug-2009 08:16 pm(no subject)

No, BITCH, this is how WE do.
18th-Jul-2009 12:38 am(no subject)
X-Men: IceMan - HaHaHa
(614): Myspace is for pedophiles and tweakers in the 818 trying to hook up. I always forget theres music there too
18th-Jul-2009 12:19 am(no subject)
X-Men: Psylocke - Oh Shit

Bitch leaked tonight.
Have it. Love it.
18th-Jul-2009 12:03 am(no subject)
DSM: Brian - Bitch PLZ
Holy shit. I haven't used this LJ in years. Oh well. I finally remembered my old password and I think it's hilarious. So here I go again.
21st-Sep-2008 02:07 pm - "Now the hobo's brushing his hair"
Spent the day in Santa Monica with KatNasty yesterday.  We ate a lot.  Twice at my favorite restaurant.  Second time was awesome because we got my favorite waiter.  That guy is such a badass.  Now I'm at home, hanging out with La Madre.  She's had a rough 24 hours. 

Sidenote: Went to that comic store on SM BLVD and was totally unimpressed.  Have I really become THAT attached to Comics Unlimited?  All other comic book stores seem weak and messy in comparison?  Sad.
5th-Sep-2008 12:41 am(no subject)
AM: Jake - Quote - Bullshit
Who else really REALLY wants to go midnight bike riding right about now? 
23rd-Jul-2008 07:59 pm - i love the facebook chat delay
must eat cute animals

whatever. I'm trying to change my ways.

now i'm 21 and it's weird to bang high school boys.


lol ive been saying that for 22 years

change my ways....

4th-Jul-2008 07:10 am(no subject)
TBD: Brothers - Bad Apples
I would sooner cut off my own arm then get an "I am." tatoo.
For the record.
7th-Jun-2008 10:03 pm(no subject)
X-Men: Psylocke - Oh Shit
Every time I've gone on Perez or Tyler Durden part of me keeps expecting to see a tragic update about him, but that's ridiculous.  Those are celebrity gossip sites and he isn't famous in any way.  I know this and I still anticipate seeing a picture of him and his goofy fucking smile and some sad headline about how he will be missed.  I'm not going to say much about this because it's not right.  None of it is.  It's never the people you think. 

These are the times I know for a fact that I just plain need Michael around.  But since he can't be here to let me cry on him and Tyson is currently at work I am going to read Messiah CompleX and not let myself cry.  Not yet.
Iron Man: Tony - Glow
Less than three hours in and it's already been one of the best birthdays EVER.
11th-Apr-2008 10:17 pm - if only walt disney would blow me
I have some pretty fucking amazing friends.
I opened this morning with Johannes Chimpo
Work was good.  Tomorrow is going to be a bitch though.  I fully expect to sleep very well Saturday night.  SUCH a party animal, I know, right?
Then Sunday Kat a-Snack and I (with the possible company of Michael and hopefully Sean) will beach it up until the crowds show up.
After that I'm visiting Papa at Manor House and then dinner with some mad awesome peeps.

I love good weekends.
25th-Mar-2008 12:03 pm - brisk down
TBD: JIC - Flush
I should be getting ready for work but instead I'm sitting here wishing my XBOX Live was working because my stomach hurts and I'm still tired from this past weekend.  Moral of the story: I party way too hard when Kat's not around. 

The upside is that the promotion at work is finally looking up, I think I've got a better grip on things, you know?  I hate not being really great at something and the last few days have been so chaotic I've been killing myself trying to keep up.  But after talking to Chuck I feel a lot better. 

Also this past weekend my best friend came home and I didn't see him nearly enough but whatever.  He's keeping a bunch of my comics hostage until he comes back.  I shouldn't have given him Nightly News back until he gave me all my Ultimates back.  Damn.  Not to mention I saw Sean more this past weekend than I have in the last four months.  Growing up sucks.  When Kat and I went to Ikea last night we tried picking out the best set-ups for the four of us.  This living room is too modern, this one is too girly, Ooooo I like this one. 

My brain makes no sense right now.  I think I may sleep all day tomorrow.  I'm super excited. 
17th-Mar-2008 08:31 am - I'm going to get belligerent. Nice.
Every Sour Second Rate Kiss
Lo-ooove St. Patrick's Day.  Especially now that I am spending more time in Huntington Beach.  The boys here are a lot more easy on the eyes and a lot less depressing when plastered.  Was invited to meet up with some people but La Madre is bed-ridden with Vertigo so I feel I must pass.  I keep trying not to picture Liza Minelli when I walk my mother to the bathroom.  It's harder than you think.

God, I can't wait for this week to be over.  Friday is going to be a bitch.  Suck.
15th-Mar-2008 08:26 am(no subject)
Colbert: Capt. America

Yesterday was another EPIC bff Friday for the records books.  Poor Kat, every week it gets a little worse.  Anyway, this was kind of our last bff Friday since next week I start my new promotion and must work every Friday and Saturday.  Which I had no idea would work out so well since Kat apparently wanted to start taking off Sundays.  I know you want to make a joke about how we're an old married couple.  You can if you want, I won't judge.  So after Kat left, my mom and I hung out and watched the end of the Mater Dei game on TV.  I'll keep my pervy comments to myself, you all don't need to hear about my, though hilarious, quite illegal thoughts.  Then I read the last volume of Childhood's End and wanted to kill myself because that was one of my favorites and I was so caught up in reading one trade paper a week I forgot it had gotten canceled.  So instead of starting a new comic book or pouring myself into Women and thinking about a particular tattooed babe, I decide to start reorganizing my bookshelf to make room for all the comics I've bought and then redecorating my room a little.  Move a poster here, put up a floating bookshelf there, add a couple Avengers posters here, here and there.  While I was doing this my best friend CWI (Called While Intoxicated) which is always fun for me.  We talked about our various loveless endeavors and, what else, comic books.  I can't express to you how much it makes my heart soar that the two people I am closest to are both severely obsessed with comic books.  In fact I think I only have a friend or two who AREN'T.  Hmm, what does that say about me.

I finally go to sleep around my usual time and wake up at 8am or so to take Twix out for his morning pissNshit.  Thinking nothing of it I go back inside the house to take a leak myself as well and come back to an empty backyard.  No Twix.  Twix wasn't in the house either.  Knowing that one of my worst fears has quite probably come true, I go to the side yard and see that some one has left the gate to the front yard open.  I run into the house put on shorts, grab his leash and a cookie and find Twix only five houses down so I call him back and give him the Scooby snack while I put his leash on.  What bothers me is that last night before I went to bed I knew I had checked to make sure that gate was closed.  I told La Madre and she said the same thing happened earlier this week.  Someone just left it open.  Is someone fucking with me?  Are you kidding right now?  Is our house being scoped for a future burglary?  We don't have anything expensive in the house.  Our computer is almost five years old, our TVs are clunky and outdated, and I spend all my money on books.  I would say that you could most likely get good money for Kev's brand new black XBOX 360 but good luck trying to find it in the sad mess that he calls his room.

Whatever.  I'm over it.  I will say, nothing wakes a person up like running barefoot through wet grass and slippery pavement while your heart pounds with fear.  Honestly, I have very little in my life, if someone fucks with my dog I will not stand idly by.  I will murder them. 

Have a good day, everyone!
4th-Mar-2008 01:24 am(no subject)
X-Men: Psylocke - Slag
I am like the Cloverfield monster, except instead of terrorizing Manhattan, I inhale comic books and make really dirty jokes.  But just like the monster I am usually sincerely uncomfortable in public places and run into things and though I don't "eat" people I sure as hell can make someone want to kill them self with my words.  I am very good at this. 

The only reason I am saying all of this is due to the fact that there are quite a few of you out there who either don't know this about me or have forgotten.  This is just who I am.  I don't play nice, I don't feel like getting drunk and making out with strangers, I will never try to steal your boyfriend, and chances are I won't want to talk to you about whatever folky female vocalist of the week is.  I must make this abundantly clear.  I'm not trying to be kitschy when I say I think like a boy.  I mean it, I don't have time for your whiny, girly drama.  Don't ask me for my opinion unless you are prepared to be insulted in some way, shape or form.  Got it?  Good, now we can move on.

Kat and I have achieved a shared life-long dream.  We are now regulars at a comic book shop.  And to think, it only took a couple months but when they notice that you haven't come in on your usual day, it seriously can warm your heart.  Some good things are happening at work right now and I think it's about time since everyone is leaving the store.  I refuse to let myself get too excited though just in case this all falls through, but whatever.  Bleh, I don't even want to mention it.  Life has been pretty outstanding lately.  Lots of good people, lots of Super Smash Brothers Melee, and lots of Tony Stark.  Can life possibly GET any better than that?  A little more Michael and a little less bill-paying, I guess, but I'm not really keeping tabs.
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